Asset Managers and ETPs

Differentiate your crypto-backed financial products with CheckSig’s Proof-of-Reserves


Tap into CheckSig’s exclusive Proof-of-Reserves feature to attract a risk-conscious audience, all while streamlining your operations


Provable Solvency

Leverage CheckSig’s segregated custody solutions to provide real-time, onchain public Proof-of-Reserves to your clients and auditors


Segregated Duties

Strengthen security and transparency through the segregation of roles between crypto custodian and asset manager, leveraging CheckSig’s collaborative, audited, and insured custody solutions.


Simple in-kind Flows

Safeguard your crypto assets with custody while enjoying seamless trading through CheckSig’s market access solutions, which provide Best Execution and integrated liquidity management.

Boost your crypto products

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Minimized counterparty risk

Experience peace of mind and eliminate concerns about keeping your funds on exchanges or in house through third party key management software. Our integrated Market Access merges custody and liquidity management, offering you the ability to effortlessly connect to APIs and dive into the cryptocurrency world with confidence.


Fully managed operations

Unlock your expertise in asset management and product creation while CheckSig Clear takes care of the entire operational spectrum. As a versatile provider and process outsourcer, CheckSig Clear empowers you to define your role in the custody process, freeing you to concentrate on your core business.


Easy to implement, quick to scale

Seamlessly implement and rapidly scale with ease. Leverage our customizable processes and effortless API integration to experience immediate benefits. Witness the advantages firsthand and expand as much as your needs demand.

Matches your existing operating framework

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