Institutional Custody

Frozen, Cold and Warm segregated custody environments, with built-in proof-of-reserves and highly flexible key setups.


CheckSig Clear prioritizes security without compromise, embracing cutting-edge standards while ensuring seamless access and offering comprehensive insurance coverage

Designed for the banking industry

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Transparent by design

State-of-the-art vault controls
  • Multi-level orchestrated withdrawals: segregation of duties involving external independent agents

  • Fully customizable collaborative key setup

Onchain security and auditability
  • Withdrawals to non-whitelisted addresses can be time-locked at protocol level

  • Monthly Proof-of-Reserves since 2020

Uncompromising security, full flexibility

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Banca d’Italia

Fintech Hub

[CheckSig] develops technologies and processes that, leveraging the inherent transparency of public blockchains, enable each customer to independently verify their own crypto assets held in custody by an intermediary. This approach, called ‘Individual Proof-of-Reserves’ or IPoR, aims to become a standard of assurance and customer protection adopted throughout the market.”
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