Market Access

A single entry point to multiple market venues: with best execution and fully managed post trade settlement.


CheckSig Clear’s market access is built for financial institutions who require high-performance order execution, with the simplicity of a single entry point to the breadth of crypto markets


A single counterparty, all the most sought-after digital assets

No need to establish business relationships with multiple trading venues. CheckSig Clear executes orders by sourcing liquidity through CheckSig’s own brokerage accounts at multiple world-leading exchanges.


Smart Order routing and Best Execution for you and your clients

Our Smart Order Routing platform automatically gets you the best rate across multiple venues, based on liquidity, bid-ask spread, and other market conditions.


Post trade settlement and custody, natively integrated

While executing your order, all funds are safe in your insured custody vault. We take care of the entire fiat and crypto liquidity management process, and will settle the order with you after it has successfully been completed on the market. Your assets are never at risk on an exchange.

Designed for the banking industry

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Integrated infrastructure

Always online, with the best price
  • Consolidates multiple exchanges’ trading books, taking advantage of their depth and structure.

  • 99.99% uptime thanks to backup execution routes

  • Performs real-time pricing and execution, to minimize price slippage
  • Automates liquidity management, flawlessly integrating trading and custody
Future proof
  • Supports all the most liquid and promising crypto assets





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Easily embed Digital Asset services

Scale your business easily with one-stop-shop flexible infrastructure


Hundreds of Assets across multiple Exchanges

At CheckSig, we understand that the world of cryptocurrency trading can be overwhelming and complex. With hundreds of crypto assets available and numerous exchanges to choose from, ensuring the best execution for your trades can be a daunting task. That’s where CheckSig comes in – we streamline your market access, ensuring simplicity, security, and compliance.



Fully managed post-trade settlement

With CheckSig order execution and settlement are fully decoupled, offering you the flexibility of bespoke liquidity management agreements. Trade instantly without the need for account prefunding, and conveniently settle your net position by End of Day.



Institutional OTC Desk

Designed exclusively for financial institutions, our OTC desk offers seamless execution of large cryptocurrency trades, ensuring utmost privacy, speed, and personalized support. Gain access to a dedicated team of experts who navigate the complex crypto market on your behalf, delivering precision and efficiency for your institutional trading needs.




Andrea Cilio

Head of Business Development

CheckSig is the leader for crypto solutions in Italy, offering digital asset services for every one of our clients and their needs. More importantly, CheckSig emphasizes security and regulatory compliance, which is of the utmost importance to us as we strive to offer our clients the safest options available for a product line that is rapidly evolving
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